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2021 Fair Book

 Luce West-Mackinac County Fair- July 29 through August 1, 2021

P.O. Box 581, Newberry, MI  49868



 luce-west mackinac fair


   It is with great pride that we, the Luce­West Mackinac County Fair Board, take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to the Luce­West Mackinac County Fair. We strive to showcase the best our community has to offer in agricultural, educational, industrial and recreational achievements. We live in a unique area of Michigan and the purpose of the fair is to reflect the many ways we live, work and play in the Upper Peninsula. 

 This publication includes the categories of agricultural products, livestock, arts, talents, handicrafts, and creations that may be entered for exhibit in the fair.  Exhibitors are not limited to Luce or West Mackinac Counties. 

(Unless specifically noted.)  Entries are open to anyone from adjacent counties. 

 We would like to thank the many businesses and individuals that have supported the Luce­West Mackinac County Fair activities and fund raisers over the years. The Fair Board appreciates your cooperation in supporting the businesses that promote the fair.

Whether you are an exhibitor or attending the fair with family and friends, this year’s fair has something for everyone. We invite you to take time to watch, learn and play at the 2020 Luce West-Mackinac County Fair. There is always something new to see: TNT Gut and Go Derby in the Grandstand, Big Riggs Band, Carriage Rides, Horse Show Trail classes, Speed and Action contests, and at the Petting Zoo.  Saturday is designated “Kid’s Day” with extra games and activities: Power Wheels, Peddle Pull, Lawn Mower Races, There will be games with prizes for all ages. Seniors are special on Sunday.  See our Schedule of Events for a more complete listing.



Karen Hins


2021 Fair Executive Board


Hins, Karen………………………………..President, Naubinway

Conway, Henry………………………………..Vice­President, Newberry

Selinger, Diane ………………………….Treasurer, Engadine

Maclean, Deanna ………………………Secretary, Newberry


General Membership:

Henry Conway (Newberry), Karen Hins (Naubinway), Deanna Maclean (N), Dustin Phillips, (N), Shauna Phillips (N), Diane Selinger (E), Dale Lesatz (E), Robin Lesatz (E)


Gate Admission

$5.00 parking per car per day.  No charge for Queen Pageant on Thursday.


Exhibit Departments:


I     Agriculture, crops and produce

II     Floriculture

III   Home Economics

IV   Domestic Arts

V    Antiques

VI   Baby Contest

VII Pageant

VIII Special Person in my Life

IX     Dog Show

X    Livestock

XI   Horse Shows

XIIGrandstand Events


General Rules & Regulations:

  1. Entries are open to all residents of Luce, Mackinac, Chippewa, Alger and Schoolcraft counties.
  2. Exhibitor Numbers will be the first letter of your Last name

      and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  Use the 

      same exhibitor’s number in all departments. 

  1. All indoor Exhibit entries are to be entered on Thursday, July 30th,

      from 12:00 PM until 7:00 PM. 

  1. All Livestock entries must be entered on Thursday, July 29th,

      10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  Absolutely no early entries.

  1. Anyone entering must be 7 years of age by December 30th, the

      year of the fair, except in Royalty Pageants and various 

      classes where Participation ribbons are awarded for ages 3­6.

  1. Exhibits are NOT TO BE REMOVED BEFORE 3:00 PM on Sunday, August 1st .
  2. A copy of the Registration of Exhibits must be presented

at the time of release.  If the Exhibit was sold at Auction, then Proof of Purchase is also needed. 

If exhibits are removed before this time without the superintendent’s approval, premium money will be forfeited.

Market Hogs will be released according to the schedule of the Packing Company’s transportation.

  1. Only one entry per class except where permitted in the horse show. The Fair Board will not be responsible for inaccurate registrations.
  2. Articles must be current year products completed during this year, unless otherwise specified.
  3. No person will be allowed to act as a judge of any class in

      which he or she is a competitor and no premium will be paid to 

      anyone in any way trying to influence the decision of the 

      judge.  Do not place name of owner or advertising of any kind 

      on the exhibit prior to judging.



  1. The management will use diligence to insure the safety of

      livestock and articles entered for exhibition or display after 

      their arrival on the grounds, but under no circumstances will it 

      be responsible for loss or injury or damage by theft, fire, 

      lightning, wind or any other agency to such livestock, 

      articles on exhibition or display.  The Fair and management 

thereof, shall be held harmless by the exhibitors against all 

      legal or other proceedings relating thereto.

  1. The Fair Board reserves the right to reject exhibits deemed

      unworthy. (i.e. workmanship, cleanliness, etc.)

  1. A premium ribbon or sticker placed on the exhibit is no

      guarantee of an award.  It is governed by the records on the 

      judge’s books.

  1. In case receipts of the Fair Board are insufficient to pay

      expenses and premiums in full, premiums may be a pro­rated 

      amount to those entitled to the same.

  1. The Executive Board reserves the sole and absolute right

      to settle disputes and misunderstandings arising out of 

      premium award, placing or enterprise of the fair without 

     claim for damages.  A formal protest by an 

     exhibitor or other against a placing shall be filed no more than 

      24 hours after the placing is made.  Any protest must be 

      accompanied with written statement detailing the specific problem 

      and a $50 deposit.  The complaint will be sent to MDA within 45 days.

  1. In the event of a conflict between general rules and those in a

      department, the special rules of the department take precedence.

  1. All exhibits must comply with State Regulations governing


  1. All errors in premium statements or checks or omissions must

      be reported within 45 days after close of disbursement.

  1. ATV vehicles, Motorcycles are not allowed on the Midway unless,

      authorized for Fair Board use, or in motorized racing events in 

      the Grandstand area.

  1. Only Amateurs are permitted to enter their work as exhibits,

      unless otherwise stated.  Amateurs are those 

      who’s exhibit represents a recreational hobby and does not 

      bring in over $400.00 in sales per year.

  1. Premium ​checks must be cashed within 45 days ​of the date

      issued, otherwise the check will be Voided.  Exhibitors that 

      wish to donate their premium checks back to the Fair 

      are asked to simply sign the back of their premium 

      check and return it to the Fair at:  Luce­West Mackinac 

      County Fair, P.O. Box 581, Newberry, Michigan 49868.


Judging Procedures

  1. Judges have been given the authority to place less than first

      premiums on exhibits where only one entry has been made, if 

      in the mind of the judges, the exhibit is not worthy of a first 


  1. All exhibits, except livestock, will be identified by an exhibitor’s 

Number only during judging.  No names or advertising will be        allowed on exhibits until after they have been judged .

  1. Contestants showing livestock will NOT be allowed to wear

      clothing that identifies or promotes any marketable products. 

      (Such as:  businesses, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.)

  1. No Person shall be allowed to interfere with the judge during judging.
  2. Premiums will be paid as follows:

      First Premium…………….. Blue Ribbon………………$ 2.00

      Second Premium…………Red Ribbon………………..$ 1.50

      Third Premium……………White Ribbon…………….$ 1.00 

  1. The decision of the judges is final on all placing’s.
  2. Premium checks will be mailed to winners as soon as possible

      after the close of the Fair. 

  1. Checks must be cashed within 45 days of disbursement.​.
  2. There will be a $20.00 fee for the re­issue of any lost or mutilated

      premium checks. ​All premium checks must be cashed within 45 days.

  1. Premiums will be paid according to the judge’s records and not from ribbons that may be near or on the exhibits.
  2. Un­sportsman like conduct or abusive behavior toward staff, judges or animals will not be tolerated,

      and is sufficient justification for forfeiture of all premiums, 

      rights and privileges without recourse. Judges have the right to disqualify any exhibitor.

  1. The Fair will be conducted according to the IAFE

      (International Association of Fairs and Expositions) National 

      Code of Show Ring Ethics.

  1. The Fair Board is not responsible for payment of special

      premiums offered by various associations and/or individuals.


Appeals and Complaints:

An exhibitor compelled to bring a complaint regarding conflict of interest of the judge, disqualification of an exhibit or exhibitor; Exhibitor, group leader or superintendent’s behavior, or eligibility of an exhibit, shall make a formal protest in writing with a $50.00 filing fee, to the Fair Board no later than 24 hours following the incident or judging of an exhibit.

All complaints shall be referred to the Executive Board, which shall review the complaint with interested parties and give parties an opportunity to submit evidence. A report of findings shall be made to the Fairboard for a final decision within 10 days of the original complaint.

The Fair Board shall issue an opinion within 14 days of receiving the recommendations from the Executive







First Aide Headquarters & Emergency Phone Access:

The management maintains a First Aide Kit in each Fair Building. An Emergency Phone is located in the Fair Board Concession Stand. Emergency personnel are on location for all Racing Events and can be utilized if an emergency situation arises during one of those events. The Luce West-Mackinac County Fair Board and the Luce County Board of Commissioners assume no responsibility, nor liability, for accidents on the fair grounds.


Camping and Trailer Parking Rules and Regulations:

In addition to the new Public Health and State Campground rules, the following rules must be observed:


  1. Due to Fire Marshall Rules: No electrical hook­ups will be permitted for camping units.  No garden hoses for water will be allowed for hook­ups for campers.
  2. Only exhibitors will be allowed to camp overnight on the grounds.
  3. Camping sites will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. There is a limit of 2 vehicles per camping unit. 

      All campers must be registered on the camping permit.

  1. Camping permit must be displayed on the camper unit where it is visible to all.
  2. Camping units must be a minimum of 10 feet apart, to meet state Fire Marshall Fire Codes.
  3. Camping units will not be allowed within 20 feet of any barn or building on the Fair Grounds.
  4. Camping units and vehicles can NOT block access to the Livestock Barns or Exhibit Buildings.
  5. Only fair board members will be allowed to bring campers or tents earlier than Thursday of the fair.
  6. All trailers must be self-contained, gopher holes will not be allowed.
  7. Gray Water Dumping is prohibited on the Fair Grounds.
  8. All fires must be contained in burning pits.
  9. The curfew hours are enforced from: 11pm to 6 am. This means that no camp site will have any disturbance or 

      excessive noise during curfew hours.

  1. Camp sites must be chaperoned by a parent or registered guardian 18 years of age or over, with written permission, with a copy on file in the Fair Office. See 15.
  2. The Luce­West Mackinac County Fair assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of campers, tentsor trailers while on the Fair Grounds.

Campers may arrive duringnormal business hours only, 8 AM to 7:00 PM.  After hours parking is by appointment only.  Campers left in unauthorized spots will be moved at the owner’s expense.

  1. All youth and/or youth exhibitors staying overnight at the fairgrounds must be under direct supervision of a parent or registered guardian, with written permission from parent or guardian, to be submitted to the Fair Office.
  2. Any camper observed consuming alcohol or drugs on the premise will be asked to remove their camper from the Fair Ground immediately. Proper authorities will be notified.
  3. County Fair Board Members can and will have permission to inspect any campsite where there is a disturbance, excessive noise or suspected infraction of camping rules.
  4. These guidelines will be enforced by the Luce West-Mackinac County Fair Board and Luce County Board of Commissioners.
  5. Campers are required to clean up their own campsites, or a $50.00 charge will be billed to them at the end of the Fair.


How To Enter Your Exhibit:

  1. Bring items to the Exhibit Building for entry in DepartmentsI through V on Thursday , July 29th, 12:00 to 7:00PM.

Department XII Livestock  enteries at the barns………………Thursday, July 29th, 12am ­7 p.m.

  1. Only one entry per individual per class. Articles previously exhibited are ineligible unless otherwise stated.  There are NO entry fees unless specified in certain  classesas listed in the Horse Shows.
  2. Each individual will receive one exhibitor number no matter how many entries are made. This number will be the​ letter Y (youth)or A (adult) plus​ the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.
  3. Each exhibit must be tagged, Tags will be furnished by the Management, the exhibitor must complete each tag with the proper Department number, Section, Class, and Exhibitor number (last 4 digits of SS#.)upon arrival. Exhibitors 

     must be careful to place these tags upon or near articles or animal cages, so that the judges will have no difficulty   

finding the exhibit.

  1. Entries are open to all unless otherwise specified. Youth under the age of 7 will receive participant ribbons only, no premium or placement prizes will be awarded.
  2. Youth entries are persons 19 years and younger as of December for currant year and can only enter in the Youth

classes.  Adults, 20 years and older, can only show in the Open Classes. 

  1. All entries must be shown in the name of the owner or owner’s, or grower or producer.
  2. There are no entry fees charged for Youth and Open exhibits, unless otherwise noted in an individual Department, such as Livestock, Horse Shows, etc.
  3. Articles or animals incorrectly entered may be disqualified. Premiums will be awarded based on the judge’s sheets, not according to the ribbons laying on or by the entry.



Department I – Agriculture




Rosette to “Best of Show” .


  • All crops will be judged according to state of growth for the time of the year.
  • Threshed grains and seeds from previous seasons accepted. Must be dry and

        in a glass jar (2 quarts grains, 1 quart any other).

  • Exhibits must be clean and placed on a 9-inch paper plate where acceptable. Carrots

       and beets must have 3­inchtops and beets must have tap roots.  Onions must have         2­inch tops and trimmed roots.


Section 1 – Unique Crops


  1. Best Single Potato
  2. Most Unusual Potato
  3. Largest Potato
  4. Most Unusual Shaped Vegetable
  5. Largest Zucchini




Section 2 – Field Crops


1.   Baking Potato (10)

8.    Barley (5 Stalks)

2.   Red Potato (3)

9.    Oats (5 Stalks)

3.   Table Stock Potato (6)

10.   Rye (5 Stalks)

4.   Baled Hay (1)

11.  Threshed Grain (2 Quarts)

5.   Field Corn (3 Ears)

12.  Any Seeds (1 Quart)

6.     Sunflower (1 head with stalk)

7.     Sugar Beets – (1/2 Peck)

13.  Any Other Field Crop



Section 3 – Christmas Trees

Trees must be 4­5 feet tall on standards.


1.   Balsam

3.   Spruce

2.   Scotch Pine

4.   Other Plantation Trees





Rosette to “Best of Show”.


Specimens are judged according to stage of growth for the time of year. Specimens should be shown in the best edible or table condition. Neatness as well as quality of produce will be considered in awarding prizes. Oversize or freakish specimens can be entered in Section 6 only.


Section 4 – Fruits

Display on a 9-inch paper plate.  Larger exhibits such as melons require only one sample.


1.    Early Apples (3)

5.   Grapes (2 Bunches)

2.    Late Apples (3)

6.    Plums (12)

3.    Crab Apples (3)

7.    Pears (4)

4.    Rhubarb (5 Stalks)

8.    Any other fruit not listed.




Section 5 – Vegetables


  1. Beans, Green­­­­­12                 Corn, Sweet­­­­­­­­5 ears husked)
  2. Beans, Yellow­­­12                 Cucumbers, Pickling 5  (2­3 Inch)

3.    Beans, Pole Green­12

34.  Cucumbers, Slicing 3  (Over 3 In)

4.    Beans, Pole Yellow­12

35.   Eggplant­­­­­2

5.    Beans, Lima­­­­­12     

36.   Kohlrabi­­­­­3

6.    Beets­­­­­­­4

37.   Leeks­­­­­­­­­5

7.    Broccoli­­­­­1 Head

38.   Lettuce, Head ­­­­­ 2

8.    Brussels Sprouts­­­6

39.   Lettuce, Leaf ­­­­ 1 Bunch

9.    Cabbage, Red ­­­2      

40.   Onions, Green­­­­1 Bunch

10. Rutabaga ­­­ 1

41.   Onions, Red­­­­­­­5

11.  Carrots, Half Long­5

42.   Onions, White­­­­5

12.  Carrots, Long­­­­­­­5

43.   Onions, Yellow­­­­5

13.  Cauliflower­­­­­2

44.   Parsnips­­­­­­3

14.  Celery­­­­1 bunch       

45.   Peanuts­­­­­­­12

15.  Chard, Swiss­10 leaves

46.   Peas­­­­­­­­­­12 Pods

16.  Corn, Pop­5 Ears husked

47.   Squash, Buttercup ­­­2

17.  Peppers, Hot Green­­­3

48.   Squash, Hubbard­­­­­2

18.  Peppers, Hot Red­­­3

49.   Squash, Butternut ­­­2

19.  Pepper, Yellow Bell ­­­5

50.   Squash, Acorn ­­­2

20.  Peppers, Orange­­­­5

51.   Squash, Zucchini ­­­ 2

21.  Peppers, Green Bell ­­­ 3

52.   Squash Any other Summer 

22.  Peppers, Red Bell ­­­5

53.   Squash Banana

23.  Pumpkin, Field­­­­2    

54.   Squash Any other Winter

24.  Pumpkin, Pie­­­­­­2

55.   Spinach ­­­1 bunch

25.  Radishes­­­­­­­­­­­5


26.  Tomatoes, Cherry ­­­ 12


27.   Tomatoes, Green ­­­5

28.   Tomatoes, Red ­­­ 5


29.  Tomatoes, Grape­­­5


  1. Turnips ­­­5
  2. Rutabaga­­­3
  3. Collection of Garden Vegetables:

An individual garden exhibit shall consist of at least six of the following varieties of vegetables:

Beets (3)                              Onions (3)            Winter Squash (1)

Beans, Green (5 pods)        Peas (5 Pods)            Peppers (2)

Cabbage (1)                        Tomatoes (3)             Carrots (3)

Cauliflower (1)                 Corn (2 Ears)    Summer Squash (1)

Cucumbers (3)                  Pumpkin (1)



Section 6 – Special Vegetables

Oversize and freakish specimens are allowed in this Section ONLY.


  1. Biggest Cabbage                     Biggest Zucchini by weight
  2. Biggest Garlic     Biggest Cucumber
  3. Biggest Pumpkin                     Biggest Onion
  4. Biggest Sunflower Head (1)   Biggest Turnip
  5. Tallest Sunflower w/head (1)   Biggest Green Tomato
  6. Single Stalk Sunflower with   Biggest Red Tomato 

the most heads                                      13.   Most Unusual Shaped Vegetable 

  1. Any other special vegetable not listed




Rosette to “Best of Show”


Section 7 – Herbs & Spices (fresh)


1.   Chives­­­­­­1 Bundle

5.   Parsley­­­­1 Bunch

2.   Dill­­­­­­­­­­2 Stalks

6.   Sage­­­­­­­1 Bundle

3.   Garlic­­­­­­­3 Bulbs

7.   Sweet Basil ­­­­1 Bundle

4.   Mint­­­­­­­­­1 Bunch

8.   Any other not listed above.


Section 8 – Dairy Products

Eggs will be judged first by uniformity then by size


  1. Bantam Eggs­­­­­­3                   Goose Eggs­­­­­­3
  2. Chicken Eggs­­­3                    Butter­­­­­­1 Pound
  3. Duck Eggs­­­­­­3                    Cream, Bovine­­­­­­1 Pint
  4. Most Unusual Egg­­­1                    Cheese, Bovine­­­­­­ 8 oz
  5. Turkey Eggs­­­­­1 Cheese, Goat­­­­ 8 oz



Section 9 – Scarecrows, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY


  1. Scarecrows—2 to 4 feet tall.


Section 10 – Miscellaneous


  1. Comb Honey­­­1 comb
  2. Extracted Honey­­­1 Pint
  3. Any other agricultural item not listed


Section 11 – Wool and Mohair Exhibit

Fleeces must be tied individually with paper wool twine.

Wool fleeces should represent 1 year’s growth from the current spring clip. 

Mohair fleeces should be from the current spring or fall clip.

All fleeces should be as free from manure and foreign matter as possible. NO PLASTIC BALER TWINE. DO NOT WASH FLEECES TO BE SHOWN.



  1. Fine Wool Breeds­­­­Rambouillet, Merino, etc.
  2. Medium Wool Breeds­­­­Hampshire, Suffolk, Cheviot, etc.
  3. Dual Purpose Wool Breeds­­­­Corriedale, Columbia, Targhee,

Polypay, etc.

  1. Long Wool Breeds­­­­­Lincoln, Romney, Cotswold, etc.
  2. Colored Fleece­­­­­­­­­­Any Breed
  3. Kid Mohair­­­­­­The first or second clip from the Angora goat.
  4. Mohair from the adult goat. Any Fleece after the second clip.




Division A – Potted Plants, Cut Flowers & Arrangements

(Rosette to Best of Show)

Any flowers and plants must be grown and arranged by the exhibitor. Exhibitors are to furnish their own containers. Any flower or plant which makes up a collection or arrangement cannot compete as a single specimen. All flowers shall bear the name to which CLASS they belong, plainly written on the Exhibitor’s Tag.

All entries will be judged on: artistic arrangement, quality of blooms, shape, stem length, size, vigor, color and cleanliness.  No plant should be diseased, infected with insect life, or be dirty. 


Section 12 – Potted Plants



  1. African Violet­­­­Double Bloom    Palm
  2. African Violet­­­­Single Bloom    Pepperonia
  3. African Violet­­­­Miniature    Philodendron

4.   Begonia, Large Leaf

      22.   Prayer Plant

5.   Begonia, Small Flowering

      23.   Purple Passion

6.   Begonia, Tuberous

      24.   Rosary Vine

7.   Cactus

      25.   Sansaveria, Any Type

8.   Coleus

      26.   Shamrock

9.   Fern, Any Variety

      27.   Shrimp Plant

10. Geranium

      28.   Spider Plant

11.  Hoya Vine

      29.   Strawberry Vine 

12.  Impatients

      30.   Succulent, Aloe

13.  Ivy, English

      31.   Succulent, Jade

14.  Ivy, Any Other Variety

      32.    Wandering Jew

15.  Petunia, Any Variety

      33.   Terrariums

16.   Succulent, ​Any Other Variety

17.   Succulent, Aloe

18.   Succulent, Jade

34.     Any Other Blooming Plant ­­­Not Listed              

35.     Any Other Non­Blooming Plant ­­­ Not Listed   




Section 13 – Cut Garden Flowers


1.   Asters­­­­­­­6

12.   Pansies­­­­­6

2.   Bachelor Buttons­­­­6

13.   Phlox, Any Variety­­­3

3.   Dahlia­­­­­­­3

14.   Pinks­­­­­­­6

4.   Daisies­­­­­­6

15.   Roses, Tea­­­­­3

5.   Golden Glow­­­­­6

16.   Roses, Any other Variety­­3

6.   Gladiola­­­­­­­­3

17.   Snapdragons­­­­­6

7.   Hollyhocks­­­­3

18.   Zinnia, Large or Small­6

8.   Marigold, Large­­­6

19.   Largest Dahlia­­­­1

9.   Marigold, Small­­­6

20.   Largest Gladiola­­­­1

10. Mums­­­­­3

21.   Any Other Flower Not Listed

  1. Nasturtiums­­­6


Section 14 – Arrangements

Accessories which add to the effectiveness may be used in the following arrangements but must contain fresh flowers or plant materials. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements. THIS SECTION DOES NOT INCLUDE ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.


  1. Centerpiece Arrangement    Wildflower Arrangement
  2. Corsage                                    Vase Arrangement
  3. Novelty or Holiday Theme    Any Other Floral Arrangement Not Listed







DIVISION A – Baked Goods and Candy

Best of Show Rosette

Bread and Cake exhibits should be displayed on 9­inch white paper plates and covered with saran wrap or a proper sized plastic bag. Neatness of wrap will be a factor considered in judging. Avoid use of plates or containers that need to be returned. Include recipe with baked goods and candy.


Section 15 – Quick Breads

Standard size loaf is required.


1.   Banana Bread

9.    Raisin Bread

2.   Bran Bread

10.  Zucchini Bread

3.   Corn Bread

11.  Any Other Quick Bread

4.   Coffee Cake

12.  Baking Powder Biscuits­­­­6

5.   Date Bread

13.  Biscuits, Any Other Variety­­­6

6.   Ginger Bread

14.  Fruit Muffins­­­­­­6

7.   Nut Bread

15.  Muffins, Any Other Variety­­­6

8.   Pumpkin Bread

16.  Homemade Noodles­­­8 Ounces


Section 16 – Yeast Breads

Standard size loaf is required.


1.   Coffee Bread

8.   Cinnamon Rolls­­­­­­­­6

2.   Fancy Yeast Breads

9.   Fancy Sweet Rolls­­­­­6

3.   Oatmeal Bread

10. Plain Dinner Rolls­­­­­6

4.   Rye Bread

11. Saffron Rolls­­­­­­­­­­­6

5.   Saffron Bread

12.  Whole Wheat Rolls­­­6

6.     White Bread

7.     Whole Wheat Bread

13.  Any other yeast bread not listed 


Section 17 – Cakes

Exhibit requires only half a cake.  NO MIXES ALLOWED.


  1. Angel or Sponge Cake                    Jelly Rolls
  2. Butter Cakes                                                    Cupcakes­­­6
  3. Moist Butter­type cake made        Any Other Variety of Cake not listed

     with fruit/vegetable                       

  1. Pound Cake


Section 18 – Cookies, Bars and Doughnuts

Exhibit must consist of 4 samples, displayed in clear plastic bags.


  1. Bars     Pinwheel Cookies
  2. Drop Cookies     Pressed Cookies
  3. Filled Cookies                Refrigerator Cookies
  4. “No­Bake” Cookies                Rolled Cookies
  5. Sugar Cookies                Fried Cakes
  6. Raised Yeast Doughnuts   Cream Puffs­­Unfilled
  7. Bismarcks or Long­Johns   Any Other Variety of Cookies not listed
  8. Any Other Variety of Doughnut not listed


Section 19 – Baked Goods Using Potatoes

Potatoes and processed potatoes may be used in the recipes. The judges will take into consideration the amount of potato product used in the recipes. 


  1. Bread­­­­­1 loaf                    Dinner Rolls­­­­­­­6
  2. Cake­­­­­­1/2 Cake                    Sweet Rolls­­­­­­­­6
  3. Cookies­­­­6                                    Pasties, Meat Pie­­­­1
  4. ​Any other​​potato baked goods not listed

Section 20 – Pies


  1. Lattice­topped pie (any fruit)        Two­crust pie (any fruit)
  2. One­crust pie (custard or cream)     Tarts, any variety­­­3
  3. Any other not listed


Section 21 – Candy

Exhibit must consist of 6 pieces per variety displayed on a paper plate inside a clear zip lock bag. Molded commercial chocolate will be accepted.



1.   Caramels

6.   Peanut Brittle

2.   Chocolates

7.   Taffy

3.   Divinity

8.   Toffee

4.     Fudge

5.     Hard / Rock Candy

9.   Any other candy not listed


Section 22 – Decorated Cakes and Confections, Amateurs

Entries will be judged on general appearance, suitability of design to purpose, color combination, artistic value and difficulty of project.  Dummies are acceptable.


1.   Cut­out (No pan cakes)

7.  Doll Cake

2.   Gingerbread House

8.  Sculptured, Decorated Cake

3.   Chocolate Molding

9.  Sugar confections

4.   Cupcakes­­­­­6

10. Any Other not listed

  1. Special Occasion Decorated Cookies
  2. Holiday or Special Occasion Decorated Cake


Section 23 – Decorated Cakes and confections, Teachers and/or Professionals Only

Cake decorating entries will be judged on general appearance, suitability of design to purpose, color combination, artistic value and difficulty of project.  Dummies are acceptable.


1.   Cut­Out (no pan cakes)

6.    Doll Cake (Stand up only)

2.   Gum­paste Floral Design

7.    Holiday theme

3.   Chocolate Molding

8.    Tiered

4.   Sugar Confections

9.    Cupcakes­­­6

  1. Special Occasion Decorated 10.  Sculpted, Decorated Cake

      Cake                                                 11. Any other not listed


Section 24 – Miscellaneous Display


  1. Miscellaneous display of Yeast Risen Baked Goods, displayed

      on a large tray using 3 or more varieties of baked goods.

  1. Miscellaneous display of Baked Goods Exclusive of those made with yeast, displayed on large tray,

      containing 3 or more varieties of baked goods.

  1. Box of homemade candy (5 varieties) attractively displayed.
  2. Any Other Display not listed.


DIVISION B – Food Preservation

Best of Show Rosette

All jars must be sparkling clean and in standard commercial colorless canning jars with a 2 piece lid (No Rust on Any Rings or Lids). Jars entered with only a lid will be disqualified.* Exhibits using non­standard commercial canning jars, with rusty lids or rings and/or 1 piece rings will not be judged. ​Jars may be labeled to identify product, but may not include the exhibitor’s name.  Do not write on the jar or the lid.

All entries must have been canned within the year.  Jars may be opened at the judge’s discretion.


Section 25– Canned Fruits

Exhibit should consist of 1 quart or pint sized canning jar.


1.   Applesauce, Plain

8.   Plum

2.   Applesauce, Cinnamon

9.   Raspberries 

3.   Blackberries                  

10. Rhubarb

4.   Blueberries

11. Strawberries

5.     Cherries

6.     Peaches          

7.     Pears

12.  Any other canned Fruit Not Listed


Section 26 – Canned Vegetables

Exhibit should consist of 1 quart or pint sized canning jar. 


1.   Asparagus

10.   Potatoes

2.   Beans, Green

11.   Pumpkin

3.   Beans, Yellow

12.   Sauerkraut

4.   Beans, String

13.   Beets

5.   Carrots

14.   Tomatoes, Stewed

6.   Corn

15.   Tomatoes, Whole Red

7.   Mixed Vegetables

16.   Zucchini

8.   Mushrooms

17.   Banana Peppers

9.  Peas

18.   Red Hot Peppers

  1. Jalapenos

Section 27 – Canned Meats

Exhibit should consist of 1 quart or pint sized canning jar. 


1.   Beef

6.   Pork

2.   Fish, Salmon

7.   Poultry

3.   Fish, Any Other

8.   Venison

4.     Goat

5.     Mincemeat

9.   Any Other Meat not listed


Section 28 – Dehydrated Foods

Exhibit should consist of at least one ½ pint canning jar.


  1. Fruits    Vegetables
  2. Meats    Any Other Dehydrated Food not listed.


Section 29 – Gift Mixes

Entries must be in regulation quart size jars. Entries will be judged on uniqueness and attractiveness


  1. Cookies, cakes, bars
  2. Any other dessert
  3. Soups
  4. Any Other Gift Mix not listed


Section 30 – Juice and Sauces

Exhibit should consist of 1 quart or pint sized canning jar. 


1.   Fruit Juice

5.   Chili Sauce

2.   Vegetable Juice

6.   Pizza Sauce

3.   Barbecue Sauce

7.   Any Other Sauce not listed.

4.   Catsup

8.   Any Other Juice not listed.


Section 31 – Wines and Liquors, ADULTS ONLY


Exhibit must consist of two 750 ml. bottles – one for testing, one for display. Bottles should be labeled by grape or produce variety and vintage.  Use of a commercial winery’s equipment to produce the wine is prohibited.

Judging will be based on the color, clarity, aroma, bouquet, sugar­acid­tanning­balance, aftertaste and general overall quality.


1.   Dandelion Wine

3.   Wine, Any Other Variety not listed

2.   Grape Wine

4.   Liquor, Any Other Variety not listed


Section 32 – Jams

Exhibit must be preserved in standard jelly glasses or jars. No jar smaller than 4 ounces will be accepted. THIS SECTION DOES NOT INCLUDE FREEZER JAMS.


  1. Blackberry     Peach 
  2. Blueberry     Plum
  3. Cherry    Raspberry
  4. Grape   Strawberry
  5. Any Other Cooked Jam not listed
  6. Display of Jams, (5 or more varieties)


Section 33 – Jellies

Exhibit must be preserved in standard jelly glasses or jars. No jar smaller than 4 ounces will be accepted. THIS SECTION DOES NOT INCLUDE FREEZER JAMS.


  1. Apple     Peach
  2. Crab Apple     Plum
  3. Beet   Raspberry
  4. Blackberry   Strawberry
  5. Cherry   Any Other Cooked Jelly, not listed
  6. Grape   Display of jellies, (5 or more varieties)




Section 34 – Fruit Butter and Marmalade

Exhibit must be preserved in standard jelly glasses or jars.  No Jar smaller than 4 ounces will be accepted.


  1. Apple    Any Other Fruit Butter, not listed
  2. Grape    Any Other Marmalade, not listed
  3. Peach


Section 35 – Syrup Products

Syrup exhibits must consist of at least one pint size open­able container.


  1. Blueberry               Strawberry Syrup
  2. Maple Syrup                 Any Other Variety of Syrup, not listed


Section 36 – Pickles and Relishes

Exhibit must consist of one quart or pint size container.


  1. Bread & Butter Pickles    Any other pickled, fruit, not listed
  2. Chow­Chow Relish               Any other pickled, vegetable, not listed
  3. Crab Apple Pickles               Corn Relish
  4. Dill Pickles                    Cucumber Relish
  5. Green Tomato Pickles    Any Other Fruit Relish, not listed
  6. Mixed Vegetables, Sour   Any Other Vegetable Relish, not listed
  7. Mixed Vegetables, Sweet   Pickled Beets
  8. Pickled Pears    Pickled Peppers
  9. Sliced Cucumber Pickles   Display of Pickles and/or relishes (5 or More varieties)        
  10. Sweet Cucumber Pickles, Gherkins
  11. Sweet Cucumber Pickles, Sliced or Chunk



Best of Show Rosette

All items must have been completed within the past 2 years. Articlesmustbecleanortheywillbedisqualified.​ Judges reserve the right to disqualify any article they consider entered in the wrong class. Articles shown in previous years will be disqualified. All articles must be finished. Only 1 article may be entered per class by an exhibitor, and that same article can only be entered in one class. Items should be on hangers and/or covered by clear plastic whenever possible.


Section 37 – Afghans


  1. Crocheted                    Knitted
  2. Granny Square    Ripple
  3. Hairpin                    Any Other Afghan not listed.


Section 38 – Baby Wear


  1. Baby Dress
  2. Set – Cap, sweater and booties ­ KNITTED
  3. Set – Cap, sweater and booties – CROCHETED
  4. Layette, 5 articles made by hand or machine
  5. Layette, Crocheted OR Knitted
  6. Baby Shawl or Afghan
  7. Crib Quilt or Comforter
  8. Baby Bunting with Bonnet
  9. Any Other Baby Item not listed


Section 39 – Crocheting


1.   Bedspreads

7.    Mittens or Gloves

2.   Capes & Shawls

8.    Placemats

3.   Centerpieces

9.    Sweaters

4.   Dresses

10.  Tablecloth

5.   Hats and Caps

11.  Toys, Stuffed

6.   Luncheon Cloths


Section 40 – Knitting


12.   Scarf 

13.   Any other not listed

1.   Bedspread

7.    Socks

2.   Caps and Hoods

8.    Stole

3.   Dress

9.    Sweater

4.   Mittens and Gloves

10.  Toys, Stuffed

5.   Vest

11.  Any Other Knit Item not listed

  1. Knitted Garment Made By Machine


Section 41 – Linens


  1. Pillowcases, appliquéd or embroidered                      Tablecloth
  2. Pillowcases, liquid embroidery                                      Placemats
  3. Pillowcases, crocheted or tatted trim                      Any Other Linen Item not listed
  4. Luncheon set or card table cover


Section 42 – Quilts, Covers & Pillows


  1. Patchwork Hand Pieced & Quilted or Tied
  2. Patchwork Machine Pieced, Quilted or Tied
  3. Appliquéd (Hand)
  4. Appliquéd (Machine)
  5. Baby Quilt/Lap Robe (Hand Pieced or Quilted)
  6. Baby Quilt/Lap Robe (Machine Pieced or Quilted)
  7. Wall Hanging
  8. Pillow, Patchwork (Hand Pieced or Quilted)
  9. Pillow, Patchwork (Machine Pieced or Quilted)
  10. Any other Hand Pieced or Quilted Item not listed
  11. Any other Machine Pieced or Quilted Item not listed
  12. Pillow, Any Other not listed
  13. Any Other not listed


Section 43 – Rugs

Exhibits can only be original designs.  NO KITS ALLOWED.


1.   Braided

6.   Needlepoint

2.   Crocheted

7.   Punched

3.   Latch Hook

8.   Woven

4.     Knitted

5.     Loom­weaving


Section 44 – Sewing


9.   Any Other Type of Rug, not listed

1.   Apron

11.   Skirt

2.   Blouse

12.   Slacks

3.   Coat

13.   Suit

4.   Dress

14.   Tailored Jacket

5.   Formal

15.   Towel


6.   3­Piece Lingerie

16.   Vest


7.   Pajamas

17.   Any Other Children’s Clothing


8.   Pantsuit

18.   Any Other Adult Clothing


9.   Shirt

19.   Adult Kits


  1. Shorts 20.  Youth Kits
  2. Any Other Sewn Item not listed




Section 45 – Miscellaneous



1.   Candle­wicking

11.  Latch Hook, Kit­­­no rugs

2.   Chicken Scratch

12.  Machine Embroidery

3.   Crewel

13. Needlepoint, cotton canvas

4.   Cross Stitch, Counted

14. Needlepoint, plastic canvas

5.   Cross Stitch, Pre­stamped

15.  Smocking

6.   Cutwork, any article

16.  Tatting

7.   Embroidery

17.  Wall Hangings

8.   Embroidery, Pictures­Large

18.  Any Other Item not listed

  1. Embroidery, Pictures­Small
  2. Latch Hook, original design – NO KITS




BestOf Show Rosette

Open to Amateurs and Professionals. The regular entry is for amateur photographers which are exhibitors who derive less than 50% of their income from photography.

All photos must have been taken by the exhibitor. Prints must be mounted or framed for display. Each print must bear on the back the number of the class entered, the exhibitor number and address of the exhibitor.


Photographs will be judged on the basis of technical quality, composition and story-telling ability.

A collection will consist of not less than 6 nor more than 10 photographs. A collection should include a written story, or have a theme, or be of a special event, etc. (they may be labeled if necessary), be displayed attractively, keeping in mind color and balance.  Collections are to be on one board or album.  Prints for collections may be any size.


Section 46 – PhotographyOnly One Entry Per Class




(P) Professional       (A) Amateur


  1. Portraits (P)
  2. Portraits (A)
  3. Human interest (P)
  4. Human interest (A)
  5. Nature (P)
  6. Nature (A)
  7. Birds and Animals (P)
  8. Birds and Animals (A)
  9. Sports & Recreation (P)
  10. Sports & Recreation (A)
  11. Night Scenes (P)
  12. Night Scenes (A)
  13. Still Life & Table Tops (P)
  14. Still Life & Table Tops (A)
  15. Abstracts, Patterns, Textures (P)
  16. Abstracts, Patterns, Textures (A)
  17. Landscapes, Seascapes, Snowscapes (P)
  18. Landscapes, Seascapes, Snowscapes (A)
  19. Collection ( P) (see rules above)
  20. Collection (A) (see rules above)
  21. Extreme Close­ups (P)
  22. Extreme Close­ups (A)
  23. Any Other Black & White Photo not listed (P)

24   Any Other Black & White Photo not listed (A)





  1. Portraits ( P)
  2. Portraits (A)
  3. Human interest (P)
  4. Human interest (A)
  5. Nature (P)
  6. Nature (A)
  7. Birds and Animals (P)
  8. Birds and Animals (A)
  9. Sports & Recreation (P)
  10. Sports & Recreation (A)
  11. Night Scenes (P)
  12. Night Scenes (A)
  13. Still Life & Table Tops (P)
  14. Still Life & Table Tops (A)
  15. Abstracts, Patterns, Textures (P)
  16. Abstracts, Patterns, Textures (A)
  17. Landscapes, Seascapes, Snowscapes (P)
  18. Landscapes, Seascapes, Snowscapes (A)
  19. Collection ( P) (see rules above)
  20. Collection (A) (see rules above)
  21. Extreme Close­ups (P)
  22. Extreme Close­ups (A)
  23. Family Living (P)
  24. Family Living (A)
  25. Holiday Celebration (P)
  26. Holiday Celebration (A)
  27. Any Other Color Photo not listed (P)
  28. Any Other Color Photo not listed (A)


Must be mounted on heavy paper or board – these photographs cannot have been used in other categories. This are is not open to Professionals.  Amateurs Only.


  1. Portraits
  2. Human Interest
  3. Nature
  4. Birds & Animals
  5. Sports & Recreation
  6. Night Scenes
  7. Still Life & Table Tops
  8. Weather/Happenings
  9. Landscapes, Seascapes, Snowscapes
  10. Holiday Celebrations
  11. Collection of Seasons (4)
  12. Any Other Collection not listed(See Rules)



Best Of Show Rosette

Section 47 – Manuscripts, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY

Exhibits must be original work and typed.


  1. Autobiography or Biography    Short Story
  2. Essay                                    Speech – Written Work
  3. Poetry                                    Any Other Not Listed



Section 48– Painting & Drawing

Rosette to “Best of Show”

Entries must be mounted/matted or framed suitable for hanging. Name, address and class entered should be written plainly on the back of each picture. The artist’s name appearing on the picture should be covered. Work should have been completed within the last 2 years and not previously shown at the fair.


1.   Paint By Number

11.  Portraits (oil/acrylic)

2.   Pastels

12.  Portraits (watercolor)

3.   Ink

13.  Still Life (oil/acrylic)

4.   Charcoal

14.  Still Life (watercolor)

5.   Chalk

15.  Landscapes/other (oil/acrylic)

6.   Crayon

16.  Landscapes/other (watercolor)

7.   Tempora

17.  Mixed Medium

8.   Colored Pencil

18.  Scratch Art

9.   Marker

19.  Pencil Sketch

10. Fuzzy Poster Art

20.  Any Other Painting/Drawing not listed 


Section 49 – Graphics

Rosette to “Best of Show”

Graphic Art is a drawing, painting, etching, etc., involving a representation or expression of a subject by means of lines, etc., of a subject by means of lines, etc.  On a flat surface which be used for a presentation, advertisement, etc.


  1. Computer
  2. Greeting Card of Original Design
  3. Computer Generated Report
  4. A Business Card Of Original Design
  5. Any Other Graphic Art not listed


Section 50 – Creative Hobby Craft, Amateurs

Rosette to “Best of Show”

Articles made from various materials. Judging will be based on workmanship, neatness, and general appearance. This section does not include holiday decorations.


1.    Beadwork

21.   Native American Crafts

40. Mask, mixed media

2.    Bread Dough

22.   Nature Crafts

41. Mask, any other not listed

3.    Calligraphy

23.   Papier Mache

42. Textile. Brush painting

4.    Candles, handmade

24.   Plaster

43. Textile, tie dye

5.    Ceramics

25.   Pom­pom Creations

44.  Textile, splatter painting

6.    Decoupage

26.   Quilling

45.  Textile alcohol dyed

  1. Dolls, Constructed                    Rosemaling                                                  46. Stepping stones, original
  2. Dolls, Costume/Wardrobe    Sand Painting                                              47.  Stepping stones, kit
  3. Driftwood    Sculpture      48.  Mixed medium hobby craft
  4. Felt, Burlap & Other Novelties 30. Stained Glass                                                 Any Other Craft not listed
  5. Fishing Lures / Fly Tying    String Art
  6. Flowers, handmade                 Styrofoam or Plastic Crafts
  7. Glass Painting                    Taxidermy
  8. Jewelry                                    Textile or Tube Painting
  9. Leather, Belt    Tie Dyeing
  10. Leather, Any Other                    Tole Painting
  11. Metal Craft                                 Toys, Handmade­­NO dolls
  12. Mosaic                                 Mask, plaster
  13. Wood­burning                 Mask, papermache
  14. Wall Hangings­­­Other Than Needlework



Section 51 – Crafts From Recycled Materials


  1. Paper    Plastic
  2. Fabric    Metals
  3. Glass    Combinations
  4. Any Other Craft from Recycled Material not listed


Section 52 – Creative Hobby Craft, For Teachers And/Or Professionals ONLY

Rosette to “Best of Show”

Professionals are those who earn more than $400.00 a year selling their crafts.


1.   Beadwork

9.   Jewelry, Handcrafted

2.   Bread Dough

10.   Quilling

3.   Candles, Handmade

11.   Stained Glass

4.   Ceramics

12.   Toy, Handmade—No Dolls 

5.   Dolls, Constructed

13.   Wood Article, Handmade

6.   Dolls, Costume/Wardrobe

14.   Wood Carving

7.   Leather

15.   Wood, Furniture

8.   Macramé

16.   Any Other Hobby Craft not listed



Section 53 – Holiday Items

Rosette to “Best of Show”


  1. Christmas Card Holder
  2. Christmas Ornaments, beaded (limit four as one entry)
  3. Christmas Ornaments, bread dough (limit four as one entry)
  4. Christmas Ornaments, felt (limit four as one entry)
  5. Christmas Ornaments, needlework (limit four as one entry)
  6. Christmas Ornaments, any other ( limit four as one entry)
  7. Christmas Stocking, crocheted
  8. Christmas Stocking, knitted
  9. Christmas Stocking, needlecraft
  10. Christmas Stocking, fabric
  11. Christmas Stocking, any other
  12. Christmas Tree Skirt Made By Hand
  13. Christmas Tree Skirt Made By Machine
  14. Greeting Cards Original Design
  15. Decoration ­­­ Table
  16. Decoration ­­­ Wall, Door, Ceiling or Archway
  17. Eggs, Decorated
  18. Holiday Novelty
  19. Nativity
  20. Holiday Pillow
  21. Holiday Tablecloth
  22. Holiday Wearing Apparel, Decorated 23. Any Other Holiday Article not listed


Section 54 – Macramé’CLASS


1.   Animal

3.   Wall Hangings

2.   Personal Accessory


Section 55 – Wreaths


4.     Plant Hanger

5.     Any Other Macrame not listed

1.   Grapevine

5.  Straw

2.   All Natural Materials

6.  Pine Cone

3.   Fabric

7.  Paper Twist

4.   Holiday

8.  Any Other Wreath not listed


Section 56 – Models and Kits, YOUTH ONLY


  1. Airplanes                    Doll House
  2. Animal                    Spacecraft
  3. Boat                    Truck
  4. Car                                    Any Other Type of Model Kit– not listed


Section 57 – Weaving and Caning


  1. Basketry, Large                                    Basketry, Small
  2. Pot Holders                                                    Caning
  3. Ribbon Weaving                                    Caning, Any Other not listed
  4. Weaving, Any Other Not Listed


Section 58 – Woodworking, Electrical and Mechanics

Rosette to “Best of Show”

CLASS A – Woodworking

1.   Carving, Mechanically Tooled

11.   Antique Refinishing – Display must include a photo         

2.   Carving, Hand Tooled

         of the item before the work started

3.   Furniture, Small Mechanically Tooled

12.    Turned or Lathed Work                           

4.       Furniture, Small Hand Tooled

5.       Home Accessories, Mechanically Tooled

6.       Home Accessories, Hand Tooled

7.       Picture Frame, Mechanically Tooled

8.       Picture Frame, Hand Tooled

9.       Toy, Mechanically Tooled

10.   Toy, Hand Tooled

13.    Any Other Woodworking not listed


CLASS B – Electrical, Youth Entries Only

  • Lamp
  • Demonstration Project (Circuits)
  • Computer Science
  • Any Other Electronics not listed


CLASS C – MECHANICAL (Small Engine Only) – Youth Entries Only

  1. Small Engine Demonstration Project
  2. Small Repair/Restoration
  3. Any Other Small Engine not listed



CLASS D-ROBOTIC Exhibitor must be present for judging. (time to be announced)

  1. Coded-control logic PLC
  2. Coded-articulating robotic arm
  3. Automatically guided vehicle (AGV)
  4. Other computer automation




Section 59 – Hobbies & Collective Hobbies


1.   Buttons, 25 or more

  7.  Doll Collection, 5 or More

2.   Coins, Not More Than 4 Albums

  8.  Calligraphy

3.   Insects, 10 or More Labeled

  9.  Shells, 10 or More

4.   Fossils, 10 or More Labeled

  10. Scrap­booking

  1. Crystals or Minerals, 5 or More, Labeled Any Other Hobby Collection not listed
  2. Stamps, Not More Than 2 Albums



Best Of Show Rosette

Section 60 – Energy YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY


  1. Reflector Oven
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Any Other Energy Project, not listed


Section 61– Health & Safety, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY


  1. Home or Car First Aid Kit ­­­­ Homemade
  2. Poster showing First Aid procedure
  3. Gun Safety ­­­­­­ Educational exhibit on safe gun handling or

      gun knowledge.

  1. Snowmobile Safety ­­­­ Exhibit showing safety practices
  2. Tractor Safety ­­­­­­­­­­ Exhibit showing safety practices
  3. Any Other Health or Safety Project not listed


Section 62 – Conservation, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY


  1. Animals – exhibit showing at least 5 different wild animal

      tracks, label each.

  1. Birds – Bird House or Feeder with information concerning

      types of birds that would use it.

  1. Birds – scrapbook of information on 5 different birds.
  2. Plants – scrapbook of 8 different wild plants or flowers,

      identified.  Use drawings if plants are protected.

  1. Trees – scrapbook of leaves from 10 different native trees,
  2. Basic Conservation – Exhibit shall contain materials that tell an

      appropriate story of conservation.

  1. Any Other Conservation Project not listed


Section 63 – Leisure Education, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY

All educational exhibits will consist of: (1) A Poster, or (2) A Poster and notebook, or (3) A Display of articles pertaining to that particular Class.  Notebooks cannot be exhibited separately.


  1. Shooting Sports ­­­ Guns, Bow
  2. Water Sports ­­­ Canoeing, Fishing, Boating
  3. Land Related Sports ­­­ Backpacking, Snowmobiling, Skiing,

      Biking, Horseback Riding, Snowshoeing, Cross Country 

      Skiing, Skating.

  1. Social Recreation ­­­ Dance, Drama, Music, Games, Camping
  2. Performing Arts- any live performance (Such in the Pageant.)
  3. Any Other Leisure Education Activity not listed .


Section 64 – Veterinary Science, YOUTH ENTRIES ONLY


  1. Drawing of an animal’s heart or other internal organ, label parts
  2. List of 10 animal diseases: bacterial or viral – with drawings and definitions.
  3. Drawings of 10 external or internal parasites
  4. Live Display of Small Animals, Reptiles, Amphibians, or Fish – Limited To “Pets” only. No Wildlife. MUST BE

CONTAINED in secure, clean tank, aquarium, or appropriate cage, and regularly fed and tended to during the fair.

MUST INCLUDE WRITTEN DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBIT (name, type, age, general information, feeding etc)

  1. Any Other Veterinary Science not listed


Section 65 – Folk Patterns – YOUTH ONLY

Folk Patterns is a project area in which members learn about traditions, skills and folklore in their families and communities. The traditions and skills are learned by talking to people and learning directly from them, whenever possible.  Folk Patterns means people (folk) and their way of life (patterns).

  • Exhibitor must include an exhibit and a folk pattern information sheet. Available at the MSU Extension Office. ● Exhibitors may enter up to THREE classes in this section.


  1. Folk Skills ­ Crafts
  2. Family Folklore
  3. Food ways (customs of food production, food preservatioin,

       food preparation, food presentation, food marketing and food 


  1. Photography (Historical sites, craftsmen, events/festivals in

       your community)

  1. Documented Interview
  2. Historical Clothing
  3. Quilting
  4. Heritage Gardening
  5. Heritage Artifacts Collection
  6. Community Folklore
  7. Folk Games and Toys
  8. Livestock – Animal Lore
  9. Architecture – Building – Shelters
  10. Hunting – Fishing – Trapping Lore
  11. Indian Lore
  12. Ethnic Celebrations
  13. Ethnic Clothing
  14. Occupational Traditions
  15. Folk Medicine
  16. Any Other Folk Pattern not listed


Section 66 ­ Exceptional Persons

An exceptional person is defined as a developmentally disabled individual who has unusual difficulty in learning and applying what they have learned to the problem of ordinary living. 



1.   Articles of Cloth

9.  Decoupage


2.   Articles of Leather

10.  Models


3.   Articles of Metal

11.  Mosaics

4.   Articles of Plastic

12.  Paintings

5.   Articles of Wood

13.  Pot Holders

6.   Articles of Yarn

14.  Weaving

7.   Beadwork

15.  Any Other Exhibit not listed

  1. Kites, Original Designs ­­­­ NO KITS




Section 67

Special Premium of $20.00 to 1stplace, $10.00 to 2ndplace, and $5.00 to 3rdplace.

 All booth exhibits have a maximum space of 6 feet long and 4 feet deep. All booths must be set up on Wednesday or Thursday between 3­7 p.m. All groups must pay a $5.00 fee if they use an electrical outlet, if available, in the Exhibit Building. 

 Premiums will be paid in the name of the group or school and the money is intended to be used to further educational activities of the group. Judging will be based on quality and not quantity. Consideration will be given to the age and grade of the exhibitors as well as the theme based in the exhibit.


Section 67 – Group Exhibits

Rosette to “Best of Show”



  1. Booth displaying work of any adult family living or

      agricultural organization in Luce and West Mackinac Counties, 

      such as the Farm Bureau, Women’s Extension Club, or any 

other group.

  1. Booth displaying work of any civic group concerned with

     community service or activities in Luce and West Mackinac 

     Counties, such as the Sportsman’s Club, Chamber of 

     Commerce, Booster Club, Hospital Auxiliary, V.F.W., 

     American Legion, etc.

  1. Booth displaying work of any organized Junior Group in Luce

     and West Mackinac Counties, such as 4­H Clubs, Boy Scouts, 

     Girl Scouts, Awana, etc. 

  1. Booth displaying the work of schools in Luce and West

     Mackinac Counties, such as the Tahquamenon Area Schools,

Engadine Consolidated Schools, Three Lakes Academy, Parochial Schools, Vacation 

     Bible Schools, Pre­school, etc.  Exhibit should convey to the 

     public a phase of learning or teaching carried out during the 

     past year.  Exhibits must be the work of the students; adults may 

     only assist in setting up the exhibits and arranging appropriate identification signs.




 All entries must be 50 years or older or they will be disqualified. The executive board reserves the right to determine whether an article is worthy of exhibition.

 All articles must be clearly identified. Information regarding each item should be typed or neatly printed on a white 3×5 card and submitted with the article for display. Small items should be displayed in small boxes. All coin collections must be mounted.

 Every precaution for the safety and care of exhibits will be taken, but the executive board will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur after arrival and placement of articles.

 Awards may be withheld by the judges if the item is considered of insufficient merit. Old furniture may be refinished, but not modernized.  Dealers and sellers of antiques will not be allowed to exhibit.


Section 68 – Antiques

Best Of Show Rosettes


  1. Art Glass 27.   Old Pictures
  2. Clear, Pressed /Flashed Glass 28.   Old Frames

3.   Colored Glass

29.   Old Tins

4.   Stoneware ­­­ Crock

30.   Children’s Toys

5.   Stoneware ­­­ Churn

31.   Baskets

6.   Household Furniture

32.   Wicker Items

7.   Dolls

33.   Copper Items

8.   Quilts and Coverlets

34.   Brass Items

9.   Plates and Bowls

35.   Iron Items

10. Carnival Glass

36.   Kitchen Utensils

11. Advertising Memorabilia

37.   Wearing Apparel

12. Artifacts and Paintings

38.   Jewelry

13. Country Store Items

39.   Books, prior to 1890

14. Albums of Pictures

40.   Old Post Cards

15. Old Advertising Copy

41.   Instruments

16. Memorabilia

42.   Old Cook Books

17. Watches and Clocks

43.   Bottles

18.  Matchbooks

44.   Appliances, Electric

19.  Linens

45.   Bedding, Quilts, Spreads

20.  Doilies, Handkerchiefs

46.   Vanity Scarves

21.  Lamps, Electric

47.   Michigan Relics

22.  Optical

48.   Newspapers

23.  Cameras

49.   Bibles

24.  Ceramics

50.   Games

  1. Holiday Decoration
  2. Any Other Antique, not listed


Section 69 – Tools, Farm Articles, Sporting, Misc.


  1. Large Hand Tools ­­­ cross cut saw, scythes, axes, etc.
  2. Small Hand Tools ­­­ mechanical & wood working
  3. Occupational Tools
  4. Professional Items
  5. Business Operating Items
  6. Hunting­­­decoys
  7. Taxidermy ­­­­ mounts
  8. Fishing ­­­ lures, tackle boxes, etc.
  9. Other Sporting Item Not Listed
  10. Winter Sports Equipment ­­­ Skis, snowshoes, etc.
  11. Summer Sports Equipment – Camping, croquet sets, etc.
  12. Logging – Large Items
  13. Logging – Small Items
  14. Logging – Memorabilia
  15. Logging – Unique Items, Not Already Listed
  16. Animal Equipment – harness, cowbells, sleigh­bells, etc.
  17. Farm Equipment (hand operated) corn planter, cradle fork, etc.
  18. Any Other Article not listed.




Section 70 – Baby Photo Contest

  • Contestants must be between the ages of birth and 2 years of age, as of July 39th, ​
  • Entry deadline is June 15, 2021.
  • Entries can ONLY be submitted by a legal parent or guardian of the child. A parent or legal guardian for each participant must sign permission for the press release.
  • Contestants must submit 2 (two) color photos of the child, size 8×10 or 5×7, no smaller.
  • Contestant must be a resident of Luce or West Mackinac County.​
  • Parents name, address and phone numbers are mandatory.
  • Contestant’s photos will be on display in various stores in the Luce­West Mackinac County area prior to the fair. For every $5.00 donation placed in a child’s jar, that child will have a ticket in the drawing. Winners will be chosen by a random drawing. The drawing will be held at the Luce West­Mackinac County Fair Exhibit Building on August 2nd, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.  Babies do not have to be present to receive the prizes.  The winners will receive:1st​ and 2nd​​ place winner for each the boys and the girls.  1st​​­­ $100.00       2​nd​  ­­ $50.00                     
  • For Additional Information Contact: Diane Selinger. 


  1. Girls – 1​st​ Place Drawing Winner ­­­ $100.00
  2. Girls – 2​nd​ Place Drawing Winner­­­ $50.00
  3. Boys – 1​st​ Place Drawing Winner­­­ $100.00
  4. Boys – 2​nd​ Place Drawing Winner ­­­ $50.00



Section 71 – Pageant Classes


Rules for the Pageant:

See Facebook- lucewestmackfair for updated forms, or contact Shauna Phillips:

Contestant must be a resident of  Luce or West-Mackinac county and attending a school within the county.

Applications must be submitted by July 19, 2021.

Contestants must be present for the Orientation meeting, a rehearsal, and a Group picture for the Newberry News.

Contestants must enter 5 exhibits in the Fair.  (performing a talent during intermission will be credited as an exhibit). Exhibits may be entered Thursday, July 29th, from noon until 5:00pm.

Contestants need to be at the Fairgrounds on Thursday, July 29, 2021 by 6:00pm dressed and ready for 6:00 Pageant.


Contestant should wear formal to semi-formal clothing.

During the pageant, contestants will be individually introduced to the audience and interviewed on stage.

Contestants will be scored on Modeling, Poise, and Personality by three judges.  All audience members will be given a ballot to make the People’s Choice.

The Winner of each division will receive a Sash, a Crown/Tiara, flowers and a gift bag.  All contestants will receive a flower and gift bag.

The winners of each division will also receive a money award (see awards below) which will be presented at the 2021 Fair pageant providing he/she fulfils the following responsibilities through-out the year.  (We realize that all contestants may not be able to fulfill ALL responsibilities, so exceptions may be made with the approval of the fair board)

  1. Help with activities during the 2021 fair.
  2. Present awards at the fair events: such as the Grandstand, Horse Show, or other contests.
  3. Ride in the July 4th, 2021 parades in Newberry and Curtis.
  4. Be present at the 2021 fair to crown the next winning contestant in your division, unless you are competing again.
  5. Contestants who miss-use the social media or have negative experience with law enforcement, may forfeit their money award and the runner-up will be given the crown/tiara to reign as winner of that division.

Pageant Divisions and Awards:

Queen and King (ages 14-18) -$100.00

Prince and Princess (ages 11-13) -$50.00

Duke and Duchess (ages 7-10)-$50.00

Little Prince and Little Princess (ages 3-6) -$50.00




 Submit an essay on why the Special Person in your life should be “Special Person of the Year” along with the following information:  Your name, Date of birth, Age, Parent’s names, Home phone, Complete mailing address, and the Name, Address and Phone Number of your nominee.


Essays must be written by youth ages 7 to 19.  Youth ages 7­11 can submit an essay of up to 100 words.  Youth ages

12­19 can submit an essay of up to 500 words.  Deadline for submission is July 21, 2021.  Mail entries to:  LWMCF, P.O. Box 581, Newberry, Michigan 49868. For more information call:  906 293­8785






Karen Hins, cell phone 1-984-209-8253

The Dog Show will be held in the Small animal arena on Friday July 30, 2021 at 4:00 PM.  Registration is by 3:30P.M. in the Exhibit Building.  Classes 1, 2, 3, 10 and 11 have Ribbons and Premiums of: 1st-$3.00, 2nd-$2.00, and 3rd-$1.00 places.  A Premium of $3.00 and ribbon will be awarded to the winners of classes: 4, 5 6, 7, 8 and 9.


All dogs must have current immunizations. 


Section 72 – Dog Show


  1. Prettiest Dog                                                     Best Groomed Dog
  2. Wiggliest Tail                                     Best Trick
  3. Most Colorful Dog                                     Ugliest Mutt
  4. Most Look-a-Like w/ Owner                     Best Stuffed Animal Dog
  5. Most Unusual Dog (Color, Looks, etc.) 10. Obedience course: Adult (A) Youth (Y)









The 2020 Health Requirements for Livestock can be viewed at the Fair Grounds office during the Fair, July 29th, 2021 to August 1st , 2020, or go to​ or​.  website.



FRIDAY, July 30th, 2021

STARTING AT 10:00 AM (Subject to change)



FRIDAY, July 30th , 2021

STARTING AT 8:00 PM. (Subject to change)

Barn will be closed for Judging



Buyers should register by Thursday, July 30th, 2020. Call or Text1-984-209-8253.




All swine entered at this fair will be sold through the Livestock Auction for immediate slaughter ONLY unless accompanied with State Vet. health papers.

 (Such as a sow with piglets.)




Superintendent: Karen Hins 1-984-209-8253



Livestock & Horses

  1. Suitable stalls and pens will be furnished for livestock and each

      exhibitor will be required to care for, feed and water their own 


  1. Grooms and attendants must be neatly and cleanly dressed and

       must put keep stalls, pens and floor in neat and tidy condition 

       by 9 a.m.  Feedings must be made by 9 a.m. and again by

       6 p.m. each day.  Feed, straw and bedding is to 

       be furnished by each exhibitor of livestock and poultry. 

  1. All exhibitors of livestock and horses MUST wear shoes at all

      times in ALL Exhibit Buildings, Barns and Show Rings.

  1. Animals may be washed in designated areas only.
  2. All livestock is restricted to the barn and show ring areas. Any

      livestock and/or horses that are “Walked” outside of these 

      areas will have their titles, trophies, awards, ribbons and 

      premium monies revoked, for violation of safe conduct by the owner.

  1. Horses shall not be ridden in barns at any time.
  2. Attendants shall be present at all times when animals are

      outside the stalls or cages.



  1. Aisles may be roped off by exhibitors ONLY while preparing

      livestock for classes.

  1. Motorized carts are not allowed in buildings.
  2. Bicycles, mopeds, roller skates, roller blades and skateboards

      are prohibited on fair grounds.

  1. COGGINS: All equine, ​REGARDLESS OF AGE​, shall test 

      negative to an official test for equine infectious anemia with­in 

      the current calendar year, or the previous 30 days, and be able 

      to present proof in the form of an official EIA laboratory 


  1. Animal waste is to be removed from all livestock buildings.

      Exhibitors that fail to clean up their stalls will forfeit all 

      premium monies.

    • Any dogs running free will be impounded and removed from the fair grounds.
    • Dogs must be on a leash and confined to a closed stall or the camping area at all times.
    • Only leader dogs or companion dogs will be permitted elsewhere on the grounds.
    • Dogs participating in the Dog Show must be on a leash at all times.
  2. There are no entry fees for livestock exhibits unless stated in

       individual Departments.  Only one entry per person per class.

       Open Classes – 20 Yrs and older

       Youth Classes – 5 to 19 Yrs. Of age.

  1. Premiums will be same for Open and Youth Classes

       1st​​ ­­­$3.00, 2nd​​-­­$2.00, -­­$1.00 

        Youth registered in the Pee­Wee, 5 and 6 year oldage

        groups will only receive Participant Awards ­ No Cash Premiums.


  1. All animal exhibits, except horses, must be on the fair-

  grounds between 10:00a.m..and 7:00p.m.Thursday, July 30th, unless other arrangements are made with the Livestock Superintendent.

  1. The Luce­West Mackinac County Fair Board is not

       responsible for losses due to injury, accidents or improper care 

       and handling of exhibitor’s animals.

  1. All large animals must be trained to lead and show in the ring

       to qualify for Premiums. The judge may disqualify any uncontrolled livestock.

  1. All livestock displayed must comply with the 2010 Health

      Requirements for Livestock Exhibited in Michigan; Animal 

      Industry Act. (Act 466, Public Acts of 1988).  Rules are 

      available at:​   and at the Fair Grounds 


  1. Livestock Exhibits will be released on Sunday, after 2:00 p.m.

      Exhibits removed prior to that time will forfeit all premiums.

  1. Livestock classes with less than three exhibitors may be

      Combined at the judge’s discretion.

  1. No Loading chutes are provided at the fairgrounds.
  2. The exhibitor must clean all stalls, cages and pens when animals

      are removed on Sunday, or all premiums will be forfeited.

  1. Exhibitors exhibiting Cattle, Swine, Goats and Horses (except

      where noted) must be 7 yrs. Of age during the current year of 

      the fair.  All youth must have a parent in attendance for the 

      exhibit of the youth entry. 

  1. All Market Steers must be dehorned and healed prior to the Fair.
  2. All animals must be owned by the exhibitor for at least 30 days

      prior to the fair. 

  1. A selling fee of 4 percent to cover Beef Commission, Pork

      Commission, and advertising shall be held from the seller’s 


  1. All animals need to be securely tied or penned and properly


  1. Age requirements to show or sell any animal are stated in each

      class.  Youth are ages 5 years of age and a maximum of 20 

      years during the current calendar year, or upon high school 

      graduation if over the age of 19 years for all youth shows.

  1. Steers must be purchased and on feed at least 205 days before

      the sale date. Steers must be born after January 1 of the 

      previous year.  Lambs and hogs must be purchased and on feed 

      at least 90 days before the sale date.  The weigh in dates will be 

      set as close to these dates as possible and is required to be 

      eligible to show or sell all market livestock.  The LuceWest 

      Mackinac County Fair shall appoint a weigh in person(s) and 

      he or she shall be the same person for all animals within the

      species.  All animals are expected to be properly restrained for 

      the weigh in.

  1. Beef members may start with no more than two steers. Sheep 

      and swine may start with a pen of three lambs or hogs.  Only 

      one animal of each species may be shown or sold.  All animals 

      will be tagged or tattooed at the weigh in time.  NO stags, 

      warts, or horns over one inch will be permitted.

  1. All breeding stock, market animals, poultry, rabbits, and pet

      stock MUST be registered by August 1st, 2020.

  1. NO replacement will be made in case of death of the animal

      after the weigh-in unless an alternative animal, is in the

      possession of the member and weighed in as of the weigh-in 

      dates, replacement by an alternate animal may be made up to 

      the final weigh-in at the fair.

  1. All project animals shown in market classes will be made

      available to sell. The owner must show the animal in order to be 

      able to sell in the auction.

  1. The purpose of the livestock project is to have a member

      become knowledgeable about feeding, breeding, raising, and 

      handling livestock.  The show and sale at the fair is the end 

      results.  Any animals whose feeding and training has been 

      neglected cannot be shown. Minimum weight limits for market animals to be shown in 

      market classes:  Hogs 181 lbs.  Lambs 100 lbs.  Steers 999 lbs.

Hogs or lambs on exhibit but weighing less than Market Standard may be sold at Auction as a BBQ hog or lamb according to the judge’s discretion.


  1. All Market Animals must have feed records turned into the

       Office prior to placing the animals in the barns.  TB 

      testing is mandatory prior to fair time.

  1. Judging will be: 1st, 2nd, 3​rd place Ribbons – Straight Scale.  The

      Judges decision is final.

  1. After the show and sale, a personal thank you to bidders

      would be appreciated.   Thank you notes should be 

      written to buyers of your animal, letting them know that you 

      appreciate their support. 

  1. All market animals will be sold in the following order: Grand

      Champion, Reserve Champion, followed by the remainder in 

      judged order ­­­ per species.  Youth ages 5­6 may sell their 

      animals at the end of the Judging order.  The judge will 

      determine the sale order of species. 

  1. All animals entered in a class must show predominate

      characteristics of the breed and classification of that class.


      animals by a Fair Board Official is FINAL

  1. NEW BORN ANIMALS AT THE FAIR WILL RECEIVE A $10.00 REWARD. Anyone who provides new

hatchlings or other baby livestock born at the fair will receive $10.00. They must be born between 9:00AM, July 29th 2021 and 3:00 PM August 1st, 2021.




Superintendent: Karen Hins-cell  984 209-8253


Adults register for Division A classes using A plus the last four (4) digits of the exhibitor’s Social Security number.  Youth register for Division B classes using Y plus the last four (4) digits of the exhibitor’s Social Security number.


 Livestock Premiums will be paid as follows, unless otherwise stated in various departments:

      First Premium…………….Blue Ribbon………………$ 3.00

      Second Premium…………Red Ribbon………………$ 2.00 

      Third Premium……………White Ribbon…………….$1.00


Section 73

If more than 10 animals are in a class the class may be divided at the Judge’s discretion.


Section 74 – Dairy Cattle

 (H­Holstein,    O – Other)


  H        O___

  1. Bull Calf (Born after Jan. 1 of Current Year)
  2. Feeder Steer (400­800 pounds)
  3. Finished Steer
  4. Jr. Heifer Calf (Under 6 months)
  5. Sr. Heifer Calf (Over 6 months)
  6. Jr. Yearling Heifer (​Over 12 months and under 18 months)
  7. Sr. Yearling Heifer​ (Over 18 months and under 24 months)

Jr. Champion and Reserve Champion​         

         Female Animals Only – Rosettes

  1. Over 2 years and under 3 years of age
  2. Over 3 years and under 5 years of age
  3. 5 years and over
  4. Cow and Calf

          Sr. Champion and Reserve Champion­ Rosettes

          Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion­ Rosettes

  1. Showmanship – Ages 7­12 years
  2. Showmanship – Ages 13­16 years
  3. Showmanship – Ages 17­19 years

        Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion –

                        Showmanship Rosette 

  1. Pewee Dairy Showmanship 3­6 years



Section 75 – Beef Cattle


  1. Aged Cow
  2. Yearling Heifer (Over 1 year and under 2 years)
  3. Yearling Heifer (2 years old)
  4. Heifer Calf (Under 6 months)
  5. Heifer Calf (Over 6 months and under 1 year)
  6. Pair of Heifers (​Both must be shown in one of the above classes)
  7. Cow and last Calf born
  8. Bull Calf (Under 6 months)
  9. Steer Calf (Under 6 months)
  10. Bull (6 to 18 months)
  11. Feeder Steer
  12. Finished Steer

   Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion­Rosettes

13    Pewee Showmanship 3­6   years

  1. Beef Showmanship 7­12 years
  2. Beef Showmanship 13­16 years
  3. Beef Showmanship 17­19 years
  4. Grand Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  5. Reserve Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes


Section 76 – Sheep


  1. Ewe Lamb
  2. Yearling Ewe
  3. Ewe-2 Years Old and Over
  4. Ram Lamb
  5. Yearling Ram
  6. 2 Years Old Ram and Over
  7. Market Lamb-100 lbs and over.
  8. BBQ Lamb- under 100 lbs.
  9. Pen of 3

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion­Rosettes​

  1. Peewee Lamb Showmanship 3­6
  2. Lamb Showmanship 7­12 years
  3. Lamb Showmanship 13­16 years
  4. Lamb Showmanship 17­19 years
  5. Grand Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  6. Reserve Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes


Section 77 – Swine

  1. Market Hog

       Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion­Rosettes

  1. Barbecue Hog (180 pounds and undr)
  2. Peewee Swine Showmanship 3­6 years Participation ribbon only
  3. Swine Showmanship 7­12 years
  4. Swine Showmanship 13­16 years
  5. Swine Showmanship 17­19 years
  6. Grand Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  7. Reserve Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes


Section 78 – Dairy Goats

Open to registered and grade Does.  No dairy bucks allowed.  No horns allowed.


  1. Doe Kid (Born after April of current year)
  2. Doe Kid (Born after Jan. 1and before 31 of current year)
  3. Doe Yearling (Under 24 months, that has never freshened)
  4. Milkers under 2 years (Only Does milking or have milked, now dry, or


  1. Milkers 2 and under 3 years
  2. Milkers 3 and under 5 years
  3. Milkers 5 and over
  4. Best Udder
  5. Market Wether – 6 months and under.
  6. Market Wether Goat –over 6 months and under one year.
  7. Dam and Daughter

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Goat­­­Rosettes​  

  1. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  2. 7­12 years – Showmanship
  3. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  4. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  5. Grand Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  6. Reserve Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes


Section 79 – Angora Goats


  1. Doe Kids (0 to 9 Months)
  2. Buck Kids (0 to 9 Months)
  3. Yearling Doe (Under 24 Months)
  4. Yearling Buck (Under 24 Months)
  5. Doe (24 Months and Over)
  6. Buck (24 Months and Over)

  Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion­­­Rosettes

  1. Grand Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  2. Reserve Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes


Section 80 – Rabbits   Note: Exhibitors must be present for judging


  1. Buck (Under 6 months)
  2. Buck (Over 6 months)
  3. Doe (Under 6 months)
  4. Doe (Over 6 months)
  5. Doe and Litter
  6. Pen of 3 Meat Rabbits –max. age 12 weeks
  7. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  8. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  9. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  10. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  11. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  12. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  13. Best of Show



Section 81 – Poultry ­ Chickens


  1. American Class ­­­ Hen    American Class ­­ Pullet
  2. American Class ­­­ Cock    American Class ­­ Cockerel
  3. Asiatic Class ­­­­­­ Cock    Asiatic Class ­­­­­­ Cockerel 
  4. Asiatic Class ­­­­­Hen    Asiatic Class ­­­­Pullet             
  5. Mediterranean ­­­­ Hen    Mediterranean ­­­­ Cockerel
  6. Mediterranean ­­­ Pullet   English Class ­­­­­ Pullet
  7. Mediterranean ­­­­ Cock    English Class ­­­­­­Cockerel
  8. English Class ­­­­­ Hen           21  Other Std. Birds ­­ Pullet
  9. English Class ­­­­­ Cock   Other Std. Birds – Cockerel
  10. Other Std. Birds ­­ Hen           
  11. Other Std. Birds ­­ Cock         
  12. Hens and Chicks
  13. Production Pen of 3
  14. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  15. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  16. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  17. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  18. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  19. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  20. Best of Show


Section 82 – Poultry – Bantams


1.   Feather Leg ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Hen

11.  Feather Leg ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Pullet

2.   Feather Leg ­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Cock

12.  Feather Leg ­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Cockerel

3.   Sgle. Comb Clean Leg – Hen

13.  Sgle. Comb Clean Leg – Pullet

4.     Sgle. Comb Clean Leg – Cock

5.     Rose Comb Clean Leg – Hen

14   Sgle. Comb Clean Leg – ​Cockerel

15.  Rose Comb Clean Leg – Pullet

6.     Rose Comb Clean Leg – Cock

7.     Other Clean Leg­­­­­­­­­ Hen

16.   Rose Comb Clean Leg –​ Cockerel

17.   Other Clean Leg ­­­­­­­­­Pullet

8.   Other Clean Leg­­­­­­­­­ Cock

18.  Other Clean Leg ­­­­­­­Cockerel

9.   Game Bantam ­­­­­­­­­­­ Hen

19.  Game Bantam ­­­­­­­­­­­­Pullet

10. Game Bantam ­­­­­­­­­­­Cock

20.  Game Bantam ­­­­­­­­­­Cockerel

21. Hens and Chicks

22.  Production Pen of 3

  1. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  2. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  3. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  4. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  5. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  6. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  7. Best of Show


Section 83 – Poultry – Turkeys


  1. Hen
  2. Tom
  3. Pullet
  4. Pen of Turkeys
  5. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  6. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  7. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  8. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  9. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  10. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  11. Best of Show


Section 84 – Poultry – Waterfowl


  1. Duck Hen
  2. Duck Drake
  3. Goose ­ Female
  4. Goose – Gander
  5. Pen of Ducks
  6. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  7. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  8. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  9. 17­19 years – Showmanship
  10. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  11. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  12. Best of Show


Section 85 – Poultry – Other Birds


  1. Pigeon – Hen 2. Pheasant – Hen            3.   Guinea – Hen
  2. Quail – Hen
  3. Pigeon – Cockerel
  4. Pheasant – Cockerel
  5. Guinea – Cockerel
  6. Quail – Cockerel
  7. PeeWee – Youth 3­6 yrs. old – Participation Ribbon Only
  8. 7­12 years ­ Showmanship
  9. 13­16 years ­ Showmanship
  10. 17­19 years ­ Showmanship
  11. Grand Champion Showmanship­ from above 3 classes
  12. Reserve Champion Showmanship­from above 3 classes
  13. Best of Show




FRIDAY, July 30th, 2021

STARTING AT 10:00 AM (Subject to change)



FRIDAY, July 30th, 2021

STARTING AT 8:00 PM. (Subject to change)

Barn will be closed for Judging







Sections 87 and 88

Superintendent:  Deanna Maclean   906 291­0711



  1. Copy of current 2021 Coggins test must be presented before taking horses from trailers and a copy included with the registration entry form.
  2. The entry fee is $4.00 for Youth and $5.00 for Adults per class.
  3. Registration forms must be received by the date and registration time of each show.
  4. Late fees of $1.00 per class may be charged.
  5. Only 1(one) halter class per horse can be entered, no cross entries allowed.
  6. Any unmanageable or unsafe horses will be required to leave fair grounds.
  7. Anyone abusing a horse may be disqualified and required to leave the grounds.
  8. All contestants enter at their own risk. The Luce­West 

       Mackinac County Fair Board assumes no responsibility for 

       any accidents or loss. Appropriate gear must be worn at all times.

  1. Stallions over 1 year must be shown by adults.
  2. All registered horses must be accompanied by papers when enrolling in registered classes.
  3. Classes with less than three entries may be combined with another class.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for knowing all rules of each class entered.
  5. The judge’s decision is final.
  6. All premiums earned will be mailed payable to exhibitor, at the address listed on the entry form, within 45 days of

       date of the show.  Premiums will be forfeited if stalls are not cleaned upon departure. 

  1. Any complaints or concerns should be reported to Show

       Superintendent, Deanna Maclean- 906­ 291­0711, or Karen Hins -984-209-8253






​We are awarding a High-Point Weekend Rider and a Reserve High-Point Weekend Rider. Riders may use 1 or 2 horses.  They must participate in two (2) shows at the Luce­West Mackinac County Fair, July 31st  and August 1st, 2021.  Riders may accumulate points from any of the horse shows game and speed classes and will earn a bonus point for each of the extra classes they ride in. 

Riders are expected to accumulate their own premium sheets and submit them to Horse Show Superintendent Deanna Maclean or Karen Hins.  Deadline for submitting points is September 30, 2021.  Winner to be announced later.


SECTION 87­ OPEN HORSE SHOW JULY 31, 2021.     Starts 9:00 AM   Register by 8:00 AM. The Classes in this Section may be canceled if there are less then 3 contestants per class.   See below for a schedule of the Playday/Horsemanship games to be held after the Show.




4-H Horse/rider Achievement classes will be entered following any Open class and marked as 4-H to designate an award by the Danish system of Blue, Red or White ribbons. Such as: 4-H 0118 Showmanship under 12 yrs.


HORSE          PONY          MINIATURE

Horse Open Show Premiums:   1​st​ ­ $8.00, 2​nd​ ­$6.00, 3​rd​ ­ $4.00,  4​th​ ­ $2.00,  5​th ­​ $1.00

  1. Registered stallions-all ages; Best of Breed
  2. Gelding 2 years & under
  3. Gelding 3 years & over
  4. Filly 2 years & under
  5. Mares 3 years & over
  6. Pony mares all ages.
  7. Pony geldings all ages.
  8. Miniature mares
  9. Miniature geldings



0116    Solid Color    Open 

0117    Multi­Color    Open

  1. Showmanship – Beginner, under 12 years old
  2. Showmanship – Junior ­ 12 -19 years
  3. Showmanship – Senior ­ 20 years & over


  1. Trail ­ In Hand (Horse Led Thru Course)

 Stick horse Trail-Youth 12 years and under.


  1. Trail ­ Junior ­ 19 years & under
  2. Trail ­ Senior ­ 20 years & over

123A- Advanced Trail-Any age rider; having also entered in a prior trail class this show.

  1. Pleasure Driving ­ 19 & under-any horse breed, Cart
  2. Pleasure Driving ­ 20 & over-any horse breed, Cart
  3. Walk/Trot Equitation ­ Special Riders ­ (independent rider) No fee
  4. Lead Line Class ­ 7 years and under No fee
  5. Walk/Trot Equitation­ 12 years and under (English / Western, no entry in any other Equitation Class)
  6. Lead Line Class­ Special Riders­ No fee
  7. English equitation ­ Junior ­ 19 years & under
  8. English equitation ­ Senior ­ 20 years & over
  9. English equitation novice rider 20 years & older (has not won a first place before)
  10. English pleasure ­ Junior ­ 19 years & under
  11. English pleasure ­ Senior ­ 20 years & over
  12. Western Horsemanship ­ Junior ­ 19 years & under
  13. Western Horsemanship ­ Senior ­ 20 years & over
  14. Western Horsemanship­ Novice Rider 20 years & older (has not won a first place before)

138.​Western Pleasure Horse­ Junior 19 & under​      

  1. Western Pleasure Horse­ Senior – 20 & over
  2. Bareback Horsemanship ­ 19 years & under Western or English
  3. Bareback Horsemanship ­ 20 years & over Western or English 0142. 142.   Costume Class ­ Any Age


OPEN GAMES OF SKILL-PLAYDAY/Horsemanship Games: Following the Open Horse Show.

  1. Egg and Spoon Walk/trot-riders all ages
  2. Flagpole-carry and place flag into its bracket. 20 and over. Timed
  3. Flagpole-ages 14 to 19; Carry and place flag into its bracket. Timed
  4. Flagpole-13 and under; Carry and place flag into its bracket. Timed
  5. Rings-Catch rings from around the arena onto your 5ft pole. Quickest time and the most rings results in placing. Age20 and over
  6. Rings- Catch from around the arena onto your 5ft pole. Quickest time and most rings results in placing.  14 to 19 youth.
  7. Rings- Catch rings from around the arena onto your 5ft pole. Quickest time and most rings results in placing.  13 and under. Youth.
  8. Boot Scramble: Each rider needs an attendant. All ages. Timed.
  9. Poker Picks: 5 buckets to gather from. Timed and best hand for placing. All ages.
  10. Bareback $5 Dollar Ride-Place $5 under the right-side of the knee. All ages.  The announcer calls the gaits. Winner splits 50/50. Lose your $5=DQ. Failure to change gaits will lower place. No entry fee. 







Show starts at 11:00 a.m.

Speed Show Premiums:   1​st​ ­ $8.00, 2​nd​ ­$6.00, 3rd​ ­ $4.00, 4​     ​th​ ­ $2.00, 5​th ­ $1.00​

  1. Team Ribbon Race, ­Open Adult and/or Youth, Mix& Match, both riders register and both riders receive

premiums of the placings.

  1. Barrels – 19 years & under
  2. Barrels – 20 years & older
  3. Barrels Pony ­ 19 years & under
  4. Indiana Flag Race Horse ­ 20 years & older
  5. Indiana Flag Race Horse ­ 19 years & under
  6. Indiana Flag Race Pony ­ 19 years & under
  7. Pole Bending Horse ­ 20 years & over
  8. Pole bending Horse ­ 19 years & under
  9. Pole Bending Pony ­ 19 years & under
  10. Scuda Hole ­ 20 years & over
  11. Scuda Hole ­ 19 years & under
  12. Scuda Hole Pony ­ 19 years & under

Bare back Scuda- Open to all ages. (No Entry Fee) Place the $5.00 inside the right knee. Winner of 50/50 and timed for places.

  1. Sportsmanship Trophy for Youth
  2. Sportsmanship Trophy for Adult











DEPARTMENT XII__GRANDSTAND EVENTS-  TNT Motor Sports presents Bump and Run


Small car stock with several classes to enter.  Race-car Raffle, August 1, 2021.   Watch for up­dates and additions on the  Superintendent Henry Conway 1 231 384-3045.


Section 90 LAWN MOWER PULLS, Sunday, August 1, 2021.​   


Registration opens 3:00 PM at the Exhibit building. Driver meeting is 3:45. Pulls begin 4:00 PM.  Classes for: Up to 16 horse-power-Modified and Stock,

and Classes for 17 – 24 horsepower- Modified and Stock.



Section 91:  POWER WHEEL RACES   Saturday, July 31, 2021: Opens the TNT events.

Superintendent: Henry Conway 231 384-3045.

Bring your own Power Wheels.  Free entry for all kids..

Premiums paid to five places.    1​​st​ ­ $8.00, 2​nd​ ­$6.00, 3​rd ­ $4.00, 4​      ​th ­ $2.00, 5​ ​th ­ $1.00​         

 Registration is 3:00pm at the Race Office, with races beginning shortly thereafter.


Race-car Raffle will be held during TNT events.Watch for details on posters, Facebook and .


Section 92: YOUTH DIGITAL SCAVENGER HUNT. Saturday July 31st, Players must find and take pictures of designated sights to win prizes.  See Diane Selinger at the Exhibit building for full details.


Section 93: SENIOR DIGITAL SCAVENGER HUNT, Same rules as the Kids on Saturday.  Must find and take a picture of each of the items. See Diane Selinger at the Exhibit building for details.



LWMCF presents country music by the

      Big Riggs Band

for all to enjoy at the Activity building on Sunday, 1:00 to 3:00 PM,  rain or shine.

Pre-view the Big Riggs Band’s video named “She’s a Small Town” on the internet and come to the fair on August 1st for a live show and entertainment.


Gate fee is $5.00 per car load.    Bench and bleacher seating will allow distancing, or bring your own lawn chair.