Join Us July 25th through the 28th For Our 36th Anniversary Celebration

Pageant Rules and Registration


Pageant Requirements:

  • Contestant must be resident of Luce and West Mackinac Counties. Contestants must also be attending school with in Luce and West Mackinac Counties.
  • Applications must be submitted by July 27, 2019.
  • Contestants must be present for an orientation meeting, 1 rehearsals, and a contestant’s group picture with the Newberry News.  Date and time to be announced.
  • Contestants must enter 5 exhibits in the exhibit building, small animal and/or large animal barns.  Exhibits may entered on Thursday August 1st beginning 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm. Questions about the exhibits can be directed to Diane Selinger at, by phone at 906-287-0311  or most reliably, message on Facebook to Diane Selinger.
  • The pageant begins at 6:00 pm, Thursday, August 1, 2019.  Please arrive at the fair grounds no later than 5:45 pm.  
  • Contestants should be dressed in either formal or semi-formal clothing.
  • During the pageant, contestants will be individually introduced to the audience and interviewed on the stage.  Contestants will know the questions ahead of time, so they can prepare their answers.
  • Contestants will be scored on Modeling, Poise and Personality.  There will be three judges who are members of the community.  All audience members will be given a ballot for People’s Choice.  
  • The winner of each division (see divisions below) will receive a sash, crown/tiara, flower and gift bag.  All contestants will receive a gift bag. The winner of each division will also receive a monetary award (see awards below) which will be presented at the 2020 fair, providing he/she fulfills the following responsibilities throughout the year. (We realize some contestants may not be able to fulfill ALL responsibilities, so exceptions may be made with approval from the Fair Board.):
    • Help with activities during the 2019 fair.
    • Present awards at fair events, such as grand stand events, horse show, and/or small or large animal contests.
    • Ride in the 2019 and/or 2020 4th of July parades in Newberry and Curtis and the Christmas parade in Newberry.
    • Be present at the 2019 fair to crow the next winning contestant in your division (for King and Queen only).
    • Other activities that may present themselves during the year following your win.
  • Contestants who use social media in a grossly negative manner (pornography, bullying, foul language) and/or have a negative experience with law enforcement (shoplifting, fighting, breaking and entering) may forfeit their monetary award and the runner-up will be given a crown/tiara to reign as the winner of that division.  Decisions will be made by the Fair Board.

Section 17- Pageant Classes and Awards

Queen and King (Ages 14-18)- $100

Prince and Princess (Ages 11-13)- $50

Duke and Dutchess (Ages 7-10)- $50

Little Prince and Little Princess- (Ages 3-6)- $50


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