Join Us August 2nd through the 5th For Our 36th Anniversary Celebration

Pageant Rules and Registration


Pageant Requirements:

  • Contestant must be resident of Luce and West Mackinac Counties. Contestants must also be attending school with in Luce and West Mackinac Counties.
  • Applications must be submitted by July 26, 2018.
  • Contestants must be present for an orientation meeting, 2 rehearsals, and a contestant’s group picture with the Newberry News.
  • Contestants must enter 5 exhibits to be entered in the exhibit building, small animal and/or large animal barns. Applicants may enter their exhibits on Thursday August 2nd beginning 12:00 noon until 5:00 pm. Questions about the exhibits can be directed to Diane Selinger at, by phone at 906-287-1975 or message on Facebook.
  • Contestants will be asked to bring a show and tell item with an explanation of the meaning behind the item. The item may be a household pet that can be crated. Contestants will be asked to go on stage, show their item and tell the judges about it.  (This is not in lieu of the 5 items exhibits required.)
  • Prince, Jr. Miss and Fair Queen contestants – private interviews w/Judges at 5:00 pm Thursday August 2nd.
  • Pageant final rehearsal -6:00 pm in Activity Building at Fair Grounds Thursday August 2nd.
  • Be at pageant/Fair grounds Friday August 3rd at 6:00 pm dressed and ready for pageant. Pageant starts at 6:30 pm sharp.
  • Male contestants 3 – 10 years are asked to wear a shirt, tie and dress slacks.
  • Female contestants 3-10 years are asked to model a fancy dress. Styles can include Easter, First Communion, Flower Girl, or a special holiday dress. Tea and floor length gowns are okay.
  • Jr. Miss and Fair Queen contestants will be expected to wear a formal or prom styled gown. Floor length is preferred.
  • Pageant night will consist of individual introductions of each contestant. Each contestant will be asked a question by the announcer. The contestants will then be judged in three categories Modeling, Poise, and Personality. The judge’s panel shall consist of three community representatives.
  • The chosen Winner from each age group will receive a crown, sash, and gift bag. All contestants will receive a gift bag.  The winner of each age group will also win a money award. This will not be awarded until the winner has completed their title year by participating with:
    1. Being present at the Fair grounds to present awards during the 2018 Fair.
    2. Being present at all grandstand events.
    3. Being present at any events held at the fairgrounds and offer services to work at the fairgrounds wherever needed.
    4. Riding in the 2018 4th of July parades in Newberry and Curtis. (Must wear a formal gown.)
    5. (For the queen only) Being present at the 2018 Pageant night to crown the new queen
    6. Making personal appearances at the various community events throughout the year. This will include making announcements on local radio stations 
  • The pageant contestants will be asked to vote for Miss Congeniality (to be chosen from all Queen candidates) and the audience will vote for The People’s Choice (to be chosen from all Queen candidates).

Due to unforseeable circumstances, a contestant may be excused from an activity with prior approval from the fair board.

If a 2018 pageant winner fails to meet the above requirements, or the fair board agrees there has been behavior that is unbecoming a fair pageant winner, that person will forfeit their designated money award and crown. The crown will then be passed down to the runner up in the age group along with the money award. 

Section 71 – Pageant Classes

Little Prince (Ages 3-6) 1st Place — $50.00 
Princess (Ages 3-6) 1st Place — $50.00 

Prince (Ages 7-10) 1st Place–$50.00                                                                                                                                                          
Little Miss (Ages 7-10) 1st Place — $50.00 
Jr. Miss (Ages 11-13) 1st Place — $100.00 
Fair Queen (Ages 14-18) 1st Place — $100.00 

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